Most of the positions at NW Animal Care require very specific education, experience and training.  Because we practice veterinary medicine at the highest possible levels we place a very high value on candidates who are experienced, seasoned professionals.  For those of you who seek a career as a Licensed Veterinary Technician or Veterinary Assistant, we recommend you check out PIMA Medical Institute.  We have a close, professional alliance with PIMA and provide educational externships for some of their top students.

You can find our employment applications online.  CLICK HERE. To apply, fill out an employment application, drop it by the office, email it to ethogersenNWACH@gmail.com or send US Mail.

Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to every inquiry.



Our Licensed Veterinary Technicians provide valuable medical services to our pets.  They assist our Veterinarians in surgeries and in performing other medical procedures; they administer vaccines, position pets for X-Rays, perform doctor-supervised dental cleanings and help maintain medical records as well as perform many other functions throughout the hospital. Proper, current licensing is required to be considered for this position.

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The Veterinary Assistant provides valuable medical assistance to our Veterinarians in exam rooms and performs such procedures as administration of vaccines, anal-gland expressions, toe nail trims, fecal floats, ear and skin cytologies and more.  The Veterinary Assistant also takes temperatures, fills pharmacy medications, maintains medical records, provides passive restraint techniques and performs many other functions throughout the hospital.  



The receptionist greets clients, answers calls, books appointments, maintains medical records and helps organize work flow for our Veterinarians and Technicians throughout the day. While previous veterinary experience for this position is not required, it is preferred and those candidates with previous veterinary experience and have the skills necessary for the tasks are considered first.



Our Ward Attendants provide care and supervise activities for our boarding pets and provide assistance to doctors and technicians the care of hospitalized pets.  They feed, walk and assure that all pets are well cared for during their stay.  They also provide cleaning and maintenance functions throughout the hospital.  No previous experience is necessary for this position but those who have worked or volunteered in an animal care environment are considered first for these positions.  Ward Attendants can be scheduled for various shifts, including overnight.